Costa Rica vs. Panama

If you are a medical tourist working with New World and your procedure is offered in both Costa Rica or Panama, then how would you choose?

Quite simply you can’t go wrong with either choice.  Both hospitals, Clinica Biblica and Punta Pacifica, were built in 2006.  With a new facility comes groundbreaking state of the art equipment.  They are both Joint Commission International accredited!  They both have affiliations with U.S. teaching hospitals such as Baylor, Tulane, Mount Sinai, and Johns Hopkins.  Their nurse ratios are twice as great on average than U.S. hospitals, critical outcomes are as good or better, and everyone treats you like a friend rather than a patient.

To be honest, the above attributes are why we are in these two countries.  Yes, there may be less expensive health care in other countries like India or Mexico, but there are no two countries in the world that share proximity to the U.S., overall value, and the high standards that are the MOST IMPORTANT component to medical travel.

Again, how do you choose?  Are two countries that share a border so different?  While they share similarities, the areas of concentration where our medical facilities are couldn’t be more different.  So what is preferred by the goose, may be different for the gander.

From a U.S. perspective, an analogy would be to visit Miami vs. Hawaii.  Panama being Miami and Costa Rica being Hawaii.

Panama is 45th in the world for skyscrapers.  It has a robust economy due to the Panama Canal and international banking.  It is a city not a beach.  There are casinos, night clubs, and world class dining.  Our hotel partners include the Trump International which was built in 2011 which is quite honestly, breath taking!  Beside Hospital Punta Pacifica lies the Multi-Plaza Mall.  Central America’s largest, with stores like Rolex, Jimmy Choo, Samsung, Nike, to name a few.  In short, Panama is a combination of Time Square and Miami.

Costa Rica is a much more natural terrain.  Bordered by volcanoes and tropics filled with butterfly farms, exotic animals, and a few cities in between.  Yes, San Jose is a bustling city, but more spread out and more likely to mirror what an U.S. citizen would perceive a Central American city to be.  There is world class surfing, zip lining, and fishing that can’t be replicated.  In short, an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.  Even the hotels are more like tropical villas rather than the skyscraper in Panama.

Both will exceed your expectations!  Costa Rica and Panama, the locations of choice for New World Medical Tourism.



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